As a youth, I ran, yet I did not exist in a sense. 19 years passed. Today, I exist in one sense because I must run. Perhaps I run to escape the futility of my existence. Perhaps not. In either case, this blog, or whatever it is, will serve to chronicle my training as a runner, my development as a man, and ultimately my demise as a human, because all things pass, fade, retreat into the horizon--and while we run, as we run, the mirage that is the shimmering, glimmering future continues to assert itself just out of reach. And yet, as this picture up above connotes, it may still be beautiful. And so the question may be what is IT? What is it? What is IT?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


62 miles for the week.

One workout, I warmed up at 14:13 for two miles, then I alternated 2 minutes at 5:00 pace with 90 seconds rest at 6:40 pace. I did that for 2.25 miles. Then 1 mile at 6:40. Then 1.75 miles alternating 90 seconds at 5:00 pace with 60 seconds rest at 6:40ish pace. Then 1 mile in 6:40. Then 1.5 miles alternating between 1 minute at 5:00 pace with 45 seconds rest at about 6:45 pace. Then 1 mile rest at 6:40ish pace. Then last 1.5 miles alternating between 30 seconds at 4:55 pace and 30 seconds at 6:40 is pace. 12 miles in 72:47--last 10 in 58:34.


82 miles for the week.


62 miles for the week
One harder workout--14 mile run starting at 7 minute pace then working way down to 6 minute pace with last 4 miles in a tempo pace at 21:36.


82 miles for the week


66 miles for the week


66 miles for the week

21 mile run on one day.


110 miles total for the week